Log-In/Sign-In Issues

Website and Enrollment are responsible for creating all online accounts to make sure that the website database is aligned with the latest roster.  Therefore do not attempt to create an account using the Join! button.  This feature has been disabled to avoid duplicates in our database. 

If you cannot access the website due to a lost or unknown password, simply click here to create a new one. 

If you are not sure which email address to enter, always use the one you provided at the time of Enrollment. It should be the same email address where you receive all weekly News notifications from us. Look in your Junk mail if you cannot find those in your Inbox. 

Contact Us

If you still cannot retrieve your log-in information, or for all other sign-in issues, please contact the Website administrator

For any issues with this page or the site, please contact the PACE @ Woodmoor Web Team