Who We Are

PACE at Woodmoor is …
  • An enrichment program for grades 1-5
  • A partnership of teachers, parents, families, and children committed to providing an excellent education while fostering a sense of belonging – a nurturing community.


PACE at Woodmoor is not…
  • A remedial program
  • A gifted program
  • An accelerated program

Our classes have a typical demographic range of students.


How PACE at Woodmoor is the same as general education classes…
  • Curriculum
  • PE
  • Library
  • Health
  • Musical Instruction
  • Additional School Activities

What PACE at Woodmoor Adds
  • Parents are consistently involved in the classroom during instruction which allows for more:

* One-on-one instruction

* Small group instruction

* Cooperative, multi-age instruction

* Enrichment activities

  • Help from parents enable the teachers to focus on instruction and curriculum development.
  • Students move through grades together.
Benefits for Students & Parents
  • Expanded learning opportunities.
  • Great friends that grow up together with the program.
  • Whole families are directly involved in the children’s education.
  • Belonging to a nurturing community.


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