Program Requirements

PACE parents play a crucial role by working cooperatively with teachers to sustain a cohesive learning community, providing enriching experiences, and promoting a love for learning.


PACE Parents
  • Commit to 80 volunteer hours per family in a school year.
  • Participate on a PACE committee.
  • Contribute $75 per child or $150 per family (for 2 or more children) upon enrollment.
  • Commit financially to a fundraising goal.
  • Attend PACE general and classroom meetings.
  • Learn and grow along with their children in an exciting and enriching atmosphere.
  • Respect and assist the teachers, students, and greater school community.
  • Collaborate with other parent helpers and expand social networks.
  • Gain experience using or acquiring new skills and understand your child’s school world more directly.
  • Enjoy the experience!


Parent Involvement Opportunities

There are many opportunities for parents to get involved in the classroom, in school, and from home.


In the classroom and at school, our parents:

  • Assist with small group instruction.
  • Serve as art docents, science docents, and reading workshop volunteers.
  • Staff mini-courses and assist in enrichment activities.
  • Chaperone field trips and on-site curriculum events.
  • Help before school and during lunch.
  • Assist with clerical tasks.
  • Staff the school library.
  • Serve on various PTSA committees.


From home, our parents:

  • Prepare classroom materials
  • Plan and execute parties, field trips, community service projects, mini-courses, musicals, and more.
  • Share their talents and skills by serving on PACE Committees (Fundraising, Newsletter, Enrollment, etc.)

Is PACE right for my child?
  • Consider whether your child matches the learning environment provided by the program.
  • Consider whether your family matches the philosophy of the program and its commitments.
  • Consider whether the transportation and scheduling offered will work for your family.


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