How to Join Us

Considering PACE for 2018-2019?

  • Thank you to all the families who attended PACE at Woodmoor Information Night. The lottery for the program will be held February 9, 2018. If your child is being offered placement in PACE at Woodmoor, you will be notified via phone and given 48 hours to accept or decline. If your child is wait-listed, an email confirming that status will be sent to you by end of February. Do know that openings become available even as late as end of August. If you missed the lottery but would like to join our wait list, please email


  • If you missed PACE Information Night and are still interested in 2018-2019, please see below section "2017-18 Important Dates" for upcoming tour dates.



Who Can Enroll in PACE?

  • PACE is open to all children in the Northshore School District on a space-available basis.


  • Feeder schools for PACE at Woodmoor include Canyon Creek, Fernwood, Maywood Hills, Moorlands, and Woodmoor Elementary Schools.


How To Enroll in PACE

  • Attend PACE Information Night.
  • Email to schedule a tour. (See tour dates below)
  • Attend a tour.
  • Complete and turn in your application.  You must complete both the tour and turn in the application form if you wish to have your child’s name in the lottery drawing.
  • Your child’s name is placed in a blind lottery which determines placement for openings and waitlists.
  • Families are notified of the status of their enrollment application mid-February.
  • Notification is by phone when a placement is offered.  A verbal response is required within 48 hours.
  • When placement is accepted, an enrollment form will be emailed to you.  The completed form needs to be returned with your enrollment contribution (currently, $75/child OR $150/family for 2 or more children) by the deadline stated on the form.
  • When classes are full, an email is sent to remaining families who are placed on a waitlist.  The waitlists are carried over from year to year unless you choose to be taken off.  New applicants are added to the bottom of the waitlist again based on a blind lottery.
  • Once a family is in the program and remains a member in good standing, siblings have priority for first-grade spots.  For 2-5th graders, this is on a space-available basis only.

2017-18 Important Dates

(For Placement in 2018-19 School Year) 



Information Night


Tour Scheduling

 10/24/17 - 2/5/18

Tour Option #1

 11/7/17 @ 9.30am

Tour Option #2

 11/13/17 @ 12:30pm

Tour Option #3

 11/30/17 @ 12:30pm

Tour Option #5

1/26/18 @ 12:30pm

Tour Option #6

1/31/18 @ 9:30am

Forms Due by Noon


Blind Lottery Drawing


Applicants Notified  

 2/11/18 – 2/16/18

Post-Lottery Touring*  

 2/26/18 – 5/31/18

 * Families can still get on the enrollment waitlist during this period.


To be Eligible for the Lottery


Applicant families must take a tour and turn in forms by 2/8/18 at 12:00 p.m. to be eligible for the lottery. Applicant families may sign up for a tour at Information Night or schedule one via email  between 10/24/17 and 2/7/18. Requests for tours in order to get into the lottery will be accepted through 2/5/18 at 12:00 p.m. The program will make a reasonable effort to schedule and carry out as many tours as possible to fit within the lottery touring period.


What to Do If You Miss The Lottery

It is not too late.  Email to schedule a tour.  Tours will continue through the end of the school year on a limited basis.  Applicant families who tour and turn in their forms will be placed on the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis.